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Bulk Data Export (FOI)

This is a walk through for exporting your CAMA Data.

  1. Open the CAMAExport Application

  2. Select the Current Database and Click Okay

  3. Click Process

  4. After it finishes Close CAMAExport and take the CAMAExport.mdb file and Copy and Paste it on the USB drive (thumb drive). (The location of the CAMAExport.mdb varies, It be located in the FOI/Bulk Data Export Folder)

Photo and Sketches Export

  1. Double Click the GetPhotoAndSketches.bat
  2. You should see something like this below: (This may take 5 to 30 mins Depending on h many photos you have)

  3. After that is finished. It will say Press Any Key to Continue. (That is when you know it is finished)

  4. Now, take the Photos and Sketches folders and place them on the USB Drive. (The location of the Photos and Sketches folders vary, It may be located in the FOI/Bulk Data Export Folder or They may have gone straight to the USB Drive. If that is the case you can skip this step)

  5. Then you are done!
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