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-====== Importing ====== 
-The Minerals Import application uses a wizard to step you through the import process. Before detailing each step, please ensure that the data is in a Microsoft Excel format (xls or xlsx). In addition, please verify that the columns are properly named and that the well production tab is named "​MCF"​ and that the well interest tab is named "​DOI"​. 
-Introductory wizard instructions:​ 
-**Step 1:**  Open the Minerals Import application to begin the import wizard process and click the '​Next'​ button.\\ 
-**Step 2:**  Select whether you are importing a new spreadsheet or if you're resuming work on data that has already been imported and click the '​Next'​ button.\\ 
-**Step 3:**  Select whether you are importing well production or well interest data and click the '​Next'​ button.\\ 
-**Step 4:**  Choose the well operator that provided the spreadsheet. Click to "​Manage well operators",​ if needed. Click the '​Next'​ button.\\ 
-**Step 5:**  Verify the lookup table values for the selected operator. The left column value indicates how the operator would reference the value on the right. Click the '​Next'​ button.\\ 
-**Step 6:**  Select the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to be imported and then click the '​Next'​ button.\\ 
-**Step 7:**  If importing well production data, indicate whether you'd like the application to auto-match wells during the import. Click the '​Finish'​ button.\\ 
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