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Process Online Assessments in WinPers

  1. On the search screen within WinPers click More Options
  2. Select the Limit to pending online assessments' checkbox.
  3. Click Search. If assessments have not already been downloaded today, a window will pop up asking if you would like to download Online Assessment Data. (Another way to download the Online Assessment Data is to select File > Retrieve Online Assessments from the menu.)
  4. Click Yes.
  5. Now it will launch a new tab/window of your default web browser (Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox) to download the Online Assessment Data.
  6. By default, web browsers save files to your Downloads folder. The location of this folder varies by operating system. In Windows 7, the Downloads folder is located within your account name (Bob M. Jones, for example). In Windows 10, the Downloads folder is located within the “This PC” option.
  7. Minimize or close the internet browser and go back to WinPers
  8. Click OK, since the file has been downloaded.
  9. Select the most recently downloaded online assessment file and click Open.
  10. Navigate to your Downloads folder, select the most recent online assessment file and click Open.
  11. Once you Open the file, it will populate the WinPers grid with all of the taxpayers that Assessed Online as of the time you downloaded the file, if the “Limit to Pending Online Assessments” checkbox is checked.
  12. Select a taxpayer in the grid to process
  13. Click the Online Assessment tab
  14. This screen is the property the taxpayer submitted to be assessed.
    1. Manual (labeled in yellow) means that it could not find the property in the Vehicle Lookup (provided by ACD).
      1. How to Process:Follow your office's policies and procedures, but common solutions are to use the Vehicle Lookup with the Make/Model/Description and if that is unsuccessful then you have the option to 90% the value.

    2. Deleted (labeled in magenta) means that the taxpayer requested to delete this property with a reason and a date the taxpayer got rid of it.
      1. How To Process: Click the row and then you have the ability to Accept or Reject.

    3. Altered (labeled in red) means that between the time that the taxpayer submitted their online assessment and now, that property has been changed in the assessor's office.
      1. How to Process:
        1. Property marked as “Altered” cannot be accepted in a batch, just like the manual status.
        2. IF you need to accept them (as in the property record changed, but had NOT already been assessed – unlikely), then you’ll need to click on each one individually and click “Accept”.
        3. This is sort of a precautionary measure to make sure you’re not writing old data over the top of newer data.
        4. If the property had been altered because it was already assessed, you can tag/select all non-manual records and click “Accept” and then you’ll get a message box that says that the altered ones cannot be done in a batch and would you like to continue. Click Yes. Now all of the others will be accepted/processed and the ones that were marked as Altered will be skipped.

  15. After all the property is processed make sure to click the Finish button. After clicking Finish it will set the PPAN's assess date and year to the date in which the online assessment was submitted. In addition, it inserts an office comment with the date and time the assessment was completed. Now when clicking Search on the search screen the PPAN will be removed from the grid.

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