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Parcel Search

This page will teach you all the ins and outs about the Parcel Search

Parcel Search Basics

  • Each Field is Partial Matching
    • Meaning if a user searched 'John' in the Owner Name field. The Owner Name will contain John but it could be apart of a last name like Johnson.

  • From/To Fields
    • The User has the ability to search for One Specific Value by using only one of the From or To fields
    • The User has the ability to search within a Range of values by using both of the From or To fields

  • Using Multiple Fields to Narrow Down the Results
    • Filling in multiple fields is a cumulative search that continues to narrow down the results by all values entered (This Includes all the More Options tabs)

  • Multi-Select Drop Downs
    • Drop Downs like 'Subdivision' give the user the ability to select multiple subdivisions

    • The user also has the ability to search these drop downs

  • More Options Tab
    • The More Options tab is a great way to to refine your search even farther with more fields to search from.
    • You can show as many or as few as you see fit. Just click the More Options tab and click the categories you would like to show and click again to hide.
    • The user has the ability to Show All or Hide All by clicking the More Options tab

  • Multi-Selecting Parcels
    • To Multi-Select Parcels in the Grid you click on a parcel and then hold Shift or Ctrl click on another.
      • Holding Shift will every parcel in between the first and the last parcel you clicked.
      • Holding Ctrl will only select the two or more Parcel you have clicked on
    • Now that you have multiple parcels selected
      • Clicking the View Button will open all of the parcels you have selected
      • Clicking the button will open a new tab with all those parcels Parcel Quick Views. For a quick look at all the general information.

  • Paste Parcel List
    • The is great if you have a list of parcels and you would like search for all at the same time.
      • Copy the list of parcels and click the Paste Parcel List button and now you have those parcels in your grid.


Queries are Searches that you can save and come back to later without entering all the search criteria again.

  • Saving Queries
    • After entering all the search criteria you click search and then click the button.
    • Enter a Name and/or a Description for the query. Then click Ok.

  • Loading Queries
    • Click the Load button. Select the query you want to run by double clicking
    • After you have double clicked, The program will fill out the Parcel Search with all the search fields that was saved to get the results.

  • Loading other user's Queries
    • This is easy as checking the checkbox. Now, You should see more than just your Queries.

  • Loading a Query file From your Computer
    • Information Coming Soon

  • Last Used / Usage Count
    • Last Used is a column that will tell the user when it was last used
    • Usage Count will tell the user how many times that query was used

Multi-Year View

The button is a great way to look at a parcel over multiple years. Once a parcel is selected and the button is select you will get a new tab of the Parcel with Parcel Quick View of each year.

  • Select Parcels Button You have the ability to hide or view the parcel from each year

  • Orientation Button Changes the orientation from vertical to horizontal.


The Parcel Reference Card (PRC) gives all the data you need to know about the parcel and in the New Assessor's Apprentice there are a couple new features.

  • PRC Button
    • With the drop down you have the ability to print a Blank of a Parcel Summary, Residential, and a Commercial page.
    • Print Preview has a lot of neat features built into it.

The Button is great if you need to find out the parcels related to the select parcel. When the button is clicked it will bring a new tab like the Compare button and compare the two parcel with the Parcel Quick View.

Paste Parcel List

If you have the Parcels in an Excel spreadsheet, select them in the spreadsheet and hit the “Copy To Clipboard” button in Excel (or control+c). Then go into CAMA, and on the parcel search screen, just hit the “Paste Parcel List” button.

Once you do that you should have just the list of parcels you had copied in your search results (Assuming you didn’t have any other search criteria entered).

To clear it, just click the “Clear” button in the green banner that pops up.

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