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What is the purpose of the Minerals Import Application?

The Minerals Import application allows the county assessor's office to import the well production and well interest (DOI) data that is provided by the well operators each year. This ensures that the well production, depth, and well interest data is as accurate as possible in WinCama. Prior to the release of this application, this process was handled manually,which was a very time-consuming endeavor. It required at least one employee, and often several, to compare line-by-line what was in the spreadsheet from the operator versus what was in WinCama for that well and/or well owner.

The primary goal of this application is to automatically match the wells and well owners that the system can match by well ID or owner ID. This allows the county office to simply work on the ones that need their input, such as when there's a new well, an abandoned well, a transfer of well interest ownership from one person to another, from multiple people to one person, or even from one person to multiple people. It will eliminate a great deal of the overhead, such as investigating parcels that didn't change, which will save the county a considerable amount of time and work load.

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