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Record Filter Field Descriptions


Field Name Description
ACDParcelType ACD Parcel Type - See Lookup Table for List.
ACDParcelTypeOverride Override application logic and set a specific code
Acres Total number of acres
Block Subdivision block
ChangedBy User making most recent change
ChangedDate Date of most recent change
CreatedBy User who created the parcel
CreatedDate Date the parcel was created
CurrentValueKey Index to valuation record that determines parcel value
Exempt Exemption status– See Lookup Table for List.
LandComments Land pricing comments
Landscaping Landscaping Quality (G-Good, A-Average, P-Poor, N-None, Null–Not Noted)
LastSaleKey Index field to deed record that shows most recent sale
Latitude Position north of the equator in degrees, mins, secs
LatLongSource Method used to acquire latitude/longitude
Longitude East-West coordinate in degrees, mins, secs
Lot Subdivision Lot Number
MarketArea Market Area—See Lookup Table for List.
MobileComments Comments made in Mobile CAMA application
NbhdCode Neighborhood Code—See Lookup Table for List
OfficeComments Comments visible to non-public level users only
OldParcel Prior parcel number
OwnerName Owner of Record
Parcel Parcel number
Parcelkey Unique index of parcels
ParcelType Type of Parcel—See Lookup Table for List.
PRCPrintedBy Last user to print a property record card
PRCPrintedDate Date property record card last printed
PreviousValueKey Index to valuation line that previously determined value
Range PLSS Range
SchoolDist School District—See Lookup Table for List
Section PLSS Section
SiteCity Parcel Physical Address City
SiteDirection Parcel Physical Address Directional (N,S,E,W,NE,NW,SE,SW)
SiteNumber Parcel Physical Address Number
SiteNumSuffix Parcel Physical Address Number Suffix
SiteState Parcel Physical Address State
SiteStreet Parcel Physical Address Street Name
SiteStreetType Parcel Physical Address Street Type
SiteUnitNum Parcel Physical Address Unit Number
SiteUnitNumSuffix Parcel Physical Address Unit Number Suffix
SiteZip Parcel Physical Address Zip Code
StreetAsphalt Asphalt Street Surface (0-False, 1-True)
StreetConcrete Concrete Street Surface (0-False, 1-True)
StreetDirt Dirt Street Surface (0-False, 1-True)
StreetGG Graded Street Surface (0-False, 1-True)
StreetGravel Gravel Street Surface (0-False, 1-True)
Subdivision Subdivision Reference Number — See Lookup Table for List
TaxpayerID Taxpayer Identification Number
Timber Acreage priced as timber
TopographyHL Topography (H-High, L-Low, N-None, Null-Not Entered)
TopographyRF Topography (R-Rough, F-Flat, N-None, Null-Not Entered)
Township PLSS Township
Trend Parcel Trend (I-Improving, S-Static, D-Declining, N-None, Null-Not Entered)
UtilElectric Electric Utility Present (0-No, 1-Yes)
UtilGas Gas Utility Present (0-No, 1-Yes)
UtilPhone Phone Utility Present (0-No, 1-Yes)
UtilSewer Sewer Utility Present (0-No, 1-Yes)
UtilWater Water Utility Present (0-No, 1-Yes)

Building Permits

Field Name Description
Amount Amount listed on permit
ChangedBy Date permit record was updated
ChangedDate User who made last change to permit
ParcelKey Index field showing parcel associated with the permit
PermitDate Date of Permit
PermitKey Unique index field for permits
PermitNum Permit reference number
Purpose Purpose of the building permit
Status Status reference for permit


Field Name Description
Area Dimension of improvement being priced
BaseCost Value based on occupancy type
BasicStructure Value of BaseCost + ExteriorWalls + HeatCool
BusinessName Business name on record
ChangedBy User who made last change to record
ChangedDate Date last change was made to record
ComKey Index field relating to a specific commercial record
Comment Comments about the commercial improvement
CostValue Value derived from the cost pricing method
CreateDate Date commercial record was created
DeprecAmt Depreciation Amount
DeprecPct Depreciation Percentage
EconDeprec Economic Depreciation
EffectiveAge Estimate of the physical condition in years
ExteriorWalls Value derived from exterior wall type
FuncDeprec Functional Depreciation
HeatCool Value derived from heating & cooling system
IncomeValue Value derived from income pricing method
Location Physical Address
MSNetCost Marshall & Swift Net Cost
NetLumpSums Value derived from additional assets on property
Perimeter Distance around the exterior in feet
RCN Replacement Cost New (BasicStructure+RCN)
RCNLD Replacement Cost New Less Deprec. (BasicStructure+RCN-Depreciation)
SecFactor Factor adjustment specific to a single section
SecKey Unique field that relates to an individual section
SectionNum Section Number
Stories Total Number of Stories
Units Number of units
YearBuilt Year of construction

Commercial Location Factors

Field Name Description
AdjFactor Adjustment Factor
ChangedBy User who made last change
ChangedDate Date last change was made
ComKey Index of commercial record that uses these factors
Comments Comments
CostValue Value derived from cost method
CreateDate Date record was created
HomesteadPct Percentage of value applicable to homestead credit
ImpKey Index of the improvement record for the commercial record
ImpNum Improvement number
IncomeValue Value derived from the income method
LocFactor Location factor
Parcel Parcel number
ValueMethod Valuation Method (C-Cost, I-Income, Null-Not Entered)

Commercial Occupancies

Field Name Description
Area Dimension of occupancy
ChangedBy Person who made last change to record
ChangedDate Date last change was made to record
Class Construction Class (A-Fireproof Structural Steel Frame, B-Reinforced Concrete Frame, C-Masonry Bearing Walls, D-Wood or Steel Stud Exterior Walls, M-Mill Type Construction, P-Pole Frame, S-Metal Frame Walls)
Comment Comment related to occupancy
CreateDate Date record was created
OccCode Use of building as originally designed. (See Lookup Table for complete list)
OccKey Index field that creates a unique identifier for each occupancy.
Percent Percentage of property used for occupancy type
Rank Quality measure of construction (1-4)
SecKey Index field that creates a unique identifier for each section.
StoryHeight Height from finished floor to finished floor in feet


Field Name Description
Book Book Reference for Deed
ChangedBy User who made last change
ChangedDate Date last change was made
Comments Comment made on deed record
CreatedBy User who created the deed record
CreatedDate Date the deed record was created
DeedKey Unique index for the deed record
DeedType Type of Deed (See Lookup Table for List)
FileDate Date instrument was put into effect
Grantee Grantor on instrument
Grantor Grantee on instrument
Page Page Reference for Deed
ParcelKey Unique index field that relates to a specific parcel
ParcelType Type of Parcel (See Lookup Table for List)
Price Sale price associated with instrument
ResetValue Value Reset due to Act 2284 (0-False, 1-True)
SaleDate Date of Sale
SaleType Parcel Type at Time of Sale (V-Vacant, I-Improved, N-None)
Stamps Revenue stamps for deed
ValidAppBy User who performed validation approval
ValidAppDate Date validation approval was performed
Validation Sales Validation Code (See Lookup Table for List)
ValidChangedBy User who made last change to sales validation
ValidChangedDate Date last change to sales validation was made
ValidNote Sales Validation Comments
ValidPrintedBy User who printed the sales validation
ValidPrintDate Date the sales validation was printed
ValidRcvdBy User who received the sales validation
ValidRcvdDate Date the sales validation was received
ValidReqBy User who requested the sales validation
ValidReqDate Date the sales validation was requested

Improvement Districts

Field Name Description
ChangedBy User who made last change to record
ChangedDate Date last change was made to record
Dist Improvement District (See Lookup Table for List)
ImpAmt Amount assessed against improvement district
ParcelKey Index field that links to a specific parcel record


Field Name Description
Acres Total number of acres
Adjustment Adjustment factor
ChangedBy User who made last change to land record
ChangedDate Date the last change was made
Depth1 Lot Depth 1
Depth2 Lot Depth 2
DepthAt100 Lot Depth at 100 Feet
DepthAvg Average lot Depth
DepthPercent Depth Percent of Lot
FFRate Front Foot Pricing Rate
Front Front Lot Dimension
FrontFigure Front Figure
LandKey Unique index for land records
LandValue Land Value
LotQty Number of Lots
Method Pricing Method
NDYear Newly Discovered Year
Parcelkey Unique index of parcel that links land records to a specific parcel
QuarterSec Quarter Section (NE,NW,SE,SW)
Rate Land pricing rate
Rear Rear Lot Dimension
ReasonCode Land Price Reason Code (See Lookup Table for List)
ReasonComment Additional Comments related to ReasonCode
SoilCode ACD Soil Number (See Lookup Table for List)
SquareFeet Total land area in square feet
StdDepth Standard Lot Depth
UseCode Use Code for Land (See Lookup Table for List)

Parcel History

Field Name Description
Action Type of Action (See Lookup Table for List)
ActionDate Date action was performed.
ChangeBy User who made last change
ChangeDate Date last change was made
ParcelKey Index field that refers to parcel associated with action

Parcel Use Codes

Field Name Description
ChangedBy User who made last change
ChangedDate Date last change was made
ParcelKey Index field that refers to parcel associated with use code
UseCode Type of Use (See Lookup Table for List)


Field Name Description
AdjFactorAdjustment Factor
BasementFinishedPartFinished Basement Partitioned Area
BasementFinishedUnpartFinished Basement UnPartitioned Area
BasementUnfinishedUnfinished Basement Area
calcAdditiveTotalTotal Value of Additives
calcAddLessDepAdditive Value less depreciation
calcAdjBasePriceAdjusted Base Price
calcAdjToBaseAdjustments to Base
calcAdjustedValueAdjusted Value
calcBaseCostBase Cost
calcBaseValueBase Value
calcFinalValueFinal Value
calcGradeAdjGrade Valuation Adjustment
calcGradePlusGrade Valuation
calcHSValueValue subject to Homestead
calcNHSValueNon-Homestead Value
calcOBYITotalOutbuilding & Yard Improvements Total
calcRCNReplacement Cost New
calcRCNLDReplacement Cost Less Depreciation
calcStoryAdjStory Adjustment
calcTotalAreaTotal Area
calcTotalValueTotal Value
ChangedByUser who made last change to improvement.
ChangedDateDate of last change
EffectiveAgeEstimate of the physical condition in years
FireplaceQtyNumber of fireplaces
FireplaceQualFireplace Quality (1-Low, 2-Average, 3-Good)
FireplaceTypeFireplace Type (1-Single 1 Story, 2-Single 2-Story, 3-Double 1 Story, 4- Double 2-Story)
FloorCoverCarpet Area of floor covered by carpet
FloorCoverCeramic Area of floor covered by ceramic tile
FloorCoverHWParquet Area of floor covered by hardwood parquet floor
FloorCoverHWSheath Area of floor covered by hardwood sheathing
FloorCoverLinoleum Area of floor covered by linoleum
FloorCoverNone Area of floor covered by no floor cover
FloorCoverSoftwood Area of floor covered by soft wood
FloorCoverStone Area of floor covered by stone
FloorStructure Floor Structure (1-Elevated Slab, 2-Wood subfloor, 3–Slab on Grade)
FutureAge Future Age
FutureGrade Future Grade
FutureGradeAdj Future Grade Adjustment
Grade Current Grade
GradeAdj Current Grade Adjustment
HeatAC Heat/Air Type (1-Central, 2-Hot Air Forced, 3-Floor/Wall Furnace, 4-Elec Base/Ceil, 5-Hot Water/Steam,99-None)
HeatACArea Override Area if different than living area
Homestead Homestead Status (0-False, 1-True)
HomesteadPCT Homestead Percent applicable area
ImpKey Unique Index of Improvements
InsulationCeiling Ceiling Insulation (0-False, 1-True)
InsulationFloor Floor Insulation (0-False, 1-True)
InsulationWall Wall Insulation (0-Fase, 1-True)
Living1 Total Living Area 1 in square feet
Living2 Total Living Area 2 in square feet
LocFactor Location Factor
MHFlatValue Mobile Home Flatted Value
MHLength Mobile Home Length in feet
MHQuality Quality (Average, Economy, Flat, Custom, Luxury)
MHWidth Mobile Home Width in feet
NDYear Newly Discovered Year
Occupancy Occupancy Type (1-Single Family, 2-Multi-Family, 3-Other, 4-Mobile Home)
PlumbingExtra Extra charges on plumbing
PlumbingFull Full Baths
PlumbingHalf Half Baths
PlumbingRough Rough-in for plumbing
ResKey Unique index of residential records
ResType Residential Type (M-Mobile Home, R-Residence)
RoofCover Roof Cover Type (1-Asphalt, 2-Wood Shingles, 3-Tile, 4-Fiberglass, 5-Shakes, 6-Roll Cover, 7-Galvalume, 99-Other
RoofCoverOtherName Additional Roof Cover
RoofCoverOtherRate Rate for Pricing
RoofTypeArch Arched Roof ( use “is not null”)
RoofTypeDormer Dormer Roof ( use “is not null”)
RoofTypeFlat Flat Roof ( use “is not null”)
RoofTypeGable Gable Roof ( use “is not null”)
RoofTypeGambrel Gambrel Roof ( use “is not null”)
RoofTypeMansard Mansard Roof ( use “is not null”)
RoofTypeShed Shed Roof ( use “is not null”)
SpecialWallType Specialty Wall Type (1-A Frame Pine, 2-A Frame Cedar, 3-Log House, 4-Dome House, 5-Underground House)
Stories Total Number of Stories
WallType Standard Wall Types (1-Masonry Veneer, 2-Combo Masonry/Frame. 3-Standard Frame, 4-Low Cost Frame)
YearBuilt Year of Construction


Field Name Description
AsYear Assessment Year
BaseYear Base Year
BirthDate Birth Date
CalcMethod Calculation Method (0-Amendment 79, 20-Full Value, 11-Act 1185 1/3,12-Act 1185 2/3, 13-Act 1185 3/3, 99-Future)
ChangeDate Date of last change
ChangeUser User who made last change
Comments Comments describing valuation
Disabled Disability status (0-False, 1-True)
Homestead Homestead Exemption (0-False, 1-True)
HSBaseValue Homestead Base Value
HSCapIncrease Homestead Capped Increase
HSEffective Homestead Effective
HSFullImps Homestead Full Improvement Value
HSFullLand Homestead Full Land Value
HSIncrease Homestead Net Increase
HSIneligible Homestead Ineligible Value
HSNewImps Homestead Newly Discovered Improvement Value
HSNewLand Homestead Newly Discovered Land Value
HSPrevValue Homestead Previous Line Value
IgnoreHSCredit Ignore Homestead Credit eligibility (0-False, 1-True)
NHSBaseValue Non-Homestead Base Value
NHSCapIncrease Non-Homestead Capped Increase
NHSEffective Non-Homestead Effective Value
NHSFullImps Non-Homestead Full Improvement Value
NHSFullLand Non-Homestead Full Land Value
NHSIncrease Non-Homestead Net Increase
NHSIneligible Non-Homestead Ineligible Value
NHSNewImps Non-Homestead Newly Discovered Improvement Value
NHSNewLand Non-Homestead Newly Discovered Land Value
NHSPrevValue Non-Homestead Previous Value
Over65 Over 65 (0-False, 1-True)
ParcelKey Unique Parcel index reference to determine parcel associated with valuation record.
ValueKey Unique Index of valuation records.

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