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As a User I would like the ability to show/hide the search criteria on the parcel search screen so that I can hide the unneeded fields to see more Parcel information on the screen.

Just click just above the grid.

Note: Depending on which skin you use, the splitter/collapse button is kind of hard to see. The “Office” skins seem to be the easier ones to see.

Ability to Undock Tabs and Redock Tabs

This is a good feature to look at multiple parcels at once without go back and forth between them.

Undock: Click and drag the tab off the tab bar.
Redock: Click and drag the tab back on to the tab bar.

Comment Categories

As a CAMA User you need the ability to specify a category for a comment so that it is easier to filter comments when there are a lot of comments provided for a given parcel/deed/etc.

  • New item added to Master Lookup table editor form - Comment Categories
  • Users can add/edit/delete comment categories
  • When a user enters a comment anywhere they are used in the system they should be allowed to (optionally) enter a comment category in the grid. The list of options should be pulled from the Comment Categories lookup table
  • When a user uses the fast comments functionality, the appropriate default category should be applied, based on the category provided on the Fast Comments Lookup record

Global Assessment Year

As a CAMA user I need the ability to set what years’ worth of data that I want to be looking at to streamline workflow and the amount of data that I have to work with at any given time.

A global drop down list on the main ribbon that would toggle the behavior of what “Year” you are currently working with, and then each subsequent screen that was opened would default to this year (Deeds, Improvement Districts, etc)

Some features that need to reference this value:

  • Parcel References
  • Parcel Lookup User Control
  • Anywhere else that a user will be entering things via a parcel #

Manual Logins

As a CAMA Administrator, I need the ability to allow users to login with a username and password.

  • New password field is added to User Edit screen.
  • Upon program launch, if no Active user is found with a matching network ID of the currently logged in user, then a login dialog screen is presented to the user

Multiple Searches for Parcels, Deeds, Contacts and Wells

As a CAMA User I would like the ability to perform multiple Searches and use each search in different scenarios.
When the user right clicks on a search tab you have the ability to Rename Tab, open a New Search and Close Form.

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Smart Grid Functionality

Printing and Exporting Data Grid

To print or export any grid in new WinCAMA: Right click anywhere on the Data Grid. User is able to export to Excel file or PDF file.


Searching for a Specific Word/Name

This functionality will make it easier to a specific word or name. This can be used on any data grid in this program.

When the user presses the hotkey Ctrl+F a little search box will pop up above the columns. Cursor must be in the header area of the grid. This box will filter through the data grid to display the only items with that specific word, name or numbers.


Filtering Columns

The user has the ability to filter the data grid on the fly. Another to filter the data grid anywhere in the program.
To pull up the Filter Editor you must right click the column bar and click Filter Editor…

Move, Hide and Add Back Columns

This functionality will make it easier to get the results the user is wanting. This can be used on any data grid in this program.

Move: The user has the ability to move the columns all it takes is a simple click and drag.

Hide: An easy way to remove columns is to right click on the column you want removed and then click Hide This Column.

Add Back Columns: To add back those columns that you removed right click on the Column Header or anywhere on the grid and click Column Chooser a window will appear and just double click to add them back to the data grid. Or a quick and easy way is to right on the grid and click Reset Layout.

Toggling and Editing an Active Filter

This feature will show the active filter and allows the user to toggle on and off, Cancel and Edit the filter.

  • To Toggle the filter on and off, just click the check box in the bottom left hand corner
  • To Cancel the filter where it is no longer needed, just press the X in the bottom left hand corner
  • To Edit the existing filter, the user would need to click Edit Filter in the bottom right hand corner

Sorting & Filtering Columns

This functionality will make it easier to get the results the user is wanting. Another way the user can search the data grid.

Filtering: Notice when you hover over a column name there is a little icon in the corner of the column. If you click it will give all the results in that one column. If I click 'BAIRD SUB' in Subdivision, it will only give me houses in the subdivision 'BAIRD SUB'.

Sorting: Just simply Click on a Column Header and it will sort Alphabetically Note: If you sort the Column again it will do the Sort in Reverse

Sorting Multiple Columns: You have the ability to sort multiple columns by Pressing and Holding the Shift Key then Click the Columns you want to sort.

Parcel Quick View

A new feature when you complete a parcel search, you will notice along the right side of the search results is where the Parcel Info is located. It has general information of the parcel selected in the data grid. It shows Legal Description, Parcel History, Use Codes, Related Parcels, Improvement Details etc.. This Parcel Quick View is saved for each user. So if you close the program you should have your widget how you want them.

  • Full Screen Mode
    • This gives the ability to pop out the Parcel Quick View and put it on your second monitor
    • This gives you a little more information about the parcel

  • All Hyperlink-able items help you dive into the parcel's data faster
    • For Example Clicking the Improvement Description will automatically pop open the Improvement View Screen

  • Turn on and off each Widget in the Parcel Quick View
    • Just Right-Click on a Widget Header and you can Check On and Off each Widget

  • Moving and Reordering the Widgets
    • To move the Widget Click and Drag the Widget Header Up or Down the list
    • To move the Widget to the Top or Bottom of the list you can Right-Click the widget header and Click Move to Top or Move to Bottom

  • Resetting the Parcel Quick View
    • Just Right-Click on a Widget Header and Click Reset Layout

Multiple Searches

One really cool feature about the New Assessor's Apprentice is you have the ability to have Multiple Searches. This includes:

  • Parcel Search
  • Deed Search
  • Contact Search
  • Multiple Searches
    • Click the New button on the main page. From there if you clicked Parcel Search it would give you another parcel search tab.

  • Renaming Your Search Tab
    • You also have the ability to rename the new search tab by Right-Clicking the tab you would like to rename

  • Undocking Search Tab
    • In Addition with any of the tabs you can make on there own window and put the on another monitor. Just Click and Drag tab off the tab bar.

Quick Launch

Quick Launch is like a search for the whole program. This feature helps you find and launch Parcel Numbers, Reports, System Commands, and Recent Parcels/Deeds/Contacts/Queries in an instant.

  • Quick Launch is located in the top right corner of New Assessor's Apprentice
  • Ctrl+Q is the hotkey for the Quick Launch
  • Just start typing and it searches and filters the list down to items contain what you have typed. Here I have just typed “r” and look at all options you have.

Icon Meanings:

  • System Commands
  • Reports\Letters
  • New Search
  • Recent Parcel
  • Recent Deed
  • Recent Contact
  • Recent Queries

QUICK TIP: Using this feature is the fastest way to open a Parcel. Paste in the parcel number into the Quick Launch press Enter and it opens right up.

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