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WinsPers Freeze


1) Make sure the county has the latest PERS2COL.EXE. (1/23/2013)
2) Add entry in AppConfig.XML for WinPERS2014
3) Get all users out of the 2014 WinPERS database. They can stay in the current assessment year. (There is a risk of users still in the system)
4) Run PERS2COL.EXE against WinPERS2014 Database.
5) Run SQL script to set the flag to allow / disallow corrections. This is based on how the flag is set in 2014. It also resets the counter on the corrections:

H:\AISApps\SQLScripts\WinPERS Rollover Scripts\WinPERS Set Corrections.sql

6) Have Customer run abstract out of the 2014 WinPERS system.
7) Allow users back into WinPERS 2014

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