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Deeds Page

Deed Editor Screen

Sales Validation

Updating Sales Validation - You have the ability to update the sales validation manually on each parcel by checking the check boxes on the right side of the Deed Editor screen. The Update Sales Validation button gives you the ability to update the sales validation of multiple parcels on the deed.


Printing Sales Validation Letters Button - This button will let you print multiple parcels either Requested or All regardless if it was requested or not.


When you hit the Print button, It will ask you if you want to flag them as printed. If Yes, then the program will automatically flag the items as Printed

Adding Multiple Deeds

  1. The best way to add Multiple Deeds is start from a Deeds Search Screen

  2. From there Click the Add button

  3. Then fill in the necessary Deed information

  4. Add as many Parcels as you need Then Click Ok

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