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Saving Changes to WinCAMA

Step 1: There isn't a 'Save' button in the program, because as you match wells/interests it is saved to the database. However, to actually take the matched well production and well interest data and save that data into WinCama, you must use the 'Save to WinCama' functionality.

Step 2: Clicking the 'Update to WinCama' item under the 'File' menu updates WinCama with the well production and depth information for all matched wells and the well interest from all wells where the imported interest is fully-matched.

Step 3: Once a well has been updated to WinCama, it will have a yellow background in the grid. If the well row is NOT yellow, it is the result of a match type that would require the auto-create (or delete) of parcel information and that is not allowed in the context of this program. For example, well interest and parcel information is not auto-created for match types of NewWell, ManualOneToMany, or ManualManyToOne.

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