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Edit Millage Rates

When you have changed anything in Lookup Tables, everyone will need to exit the Personal Property program and then restart it.

  1. Start the Personal Property program
  2. On the menu, select File then Lookup Tables
  3. Select the School Districts tab
  4. Click on the row that you want to edit
  5. Click the Edit button
  6. The millage rate goes into the field labeled “Millage”. It should be expressed in mils, such as 37.40, not .0374.
  7. Make any other changes you need to make
  8. To cancel your changes, click the Cancel button
  9. To save your changes, click the OK button
  10. When you are done editing Millage Rates, close the Lookup Tables window

Update Receipt Year on Personal Property Assessment Forms

Following October 10th each year, it is customary to change the receipt year that prints on your Personal Property Assessment Forms. For those counties in which the Collector’s office uses Apprentice Information Systems software, this will typically involve only a configuration change in Personal Property.

This step must be performed by someone with administrative security to edit Global Variables in the Personal Property Apprentice. From the Personal Property main menu, select File then Global Variables.

Select the System tab. You should see the following window:

In the Receipt Year field, enter the year (e.g. 2013).

When you are finished, click the Save button. Your change will be saved and the window will close. The next step would be to test the change. Print an Assessment Form for someone that you know has paid their current year taxes. If the Assessment Form shows the receipt for the current year, then the changes were successful. If the form does not show the correct receipt, contact Apprentice Information Systems for assistance.

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