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New Year & Closeout Procedures

May 31st Procedures

Following is a summary of the functions used after the May 31st assessment deadline passes.

Listings – When a taxpayer assesses a new vehicle acquired after the May 31 cutoff date, you can add the vehicle to the account in the normal manner but select “Listed” from the Status group choices (Assessed, Listed, Final). Otherwise, select the added vehicle and press the “L” key or click the List button. This will mark it as a listed vehicle. Listed vehicle records are highlighted in green. You will notice the system places an “L” in the Status column. The vehicle's value will still appear on that line for reference, but it will no longer be counted toward the total assessed value, which you can see at the bottom of the screen.

Finals – When a vehicle is sold after May 31, the final feature is used to indicate that the taxpayer no longer owns the vehicle, even though it needs to remain on the account since they are liable for the taxes. From the vehicle detail screen, highlight the vehicle and press “F” or click the Final button. Finalized vehicle records are highlighted in red. An “F” will be placed in the Status column. Note that this does not affect the assessed value in any way. This vehicle will still be included when values are given to the Collector at the end of the year. However, this vehicle will not roll over to your 2006 assessment file.

Penalties, single vehicle – If a single vehicle is late, you can simply highlight or select the entry on the vehicle tab and press the “P” key or click the Penalty button. This will apply a 10% penalty to that vehicle only. Pressing the “P” key (or clicking the Penalty button) again removes the penalty. This method allows you to apply or remove penalties on an individual vehicle basis.

Penalties, entire account – When the entire assessment is late, all the vehicles may be entered as usual. On the menu, select PPAN then Add Penalty. This will apply a 10% penalty to all property on the account. To remove penalties from an account, on the menu, select PPAN then Remove Penalty. This action will remove all penalties from the account.

Closeout Procedures

Your Personal Property files for Assessment Year 2015 are now setup. Here is some important information you need to know:

• Your menu has been changed. When you select Personal Property, it will now default to 2015. To assess people for the current year, you will need to manually click on the entry for 2014.

• Remember that the 2014 and 2015 files are not linked together in any way. Changes made in one will not affect the other. Any changes you make today for 2014 will not be reflected in the 2015 file. Also, keep in mind that any entries made in 2014 will be sent automatically to DF&A as a 2014 assessment. If you need to make changes in 2014 without sending them to DF&A, you may want to consider flagging these items as “NON DFA” for now, which would prevent the send.

• Note that this rollover did not include sending this information to the Collector (unless your files were frozen for the Collector at this time). Therefore, it is not yet necessary to write debit/credit or change slips.

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