AAISUG is a users' group for county assessors in Arkansas who use assessor software from Apprentice Information Systems.

Letter From The President


This users’ group was established in 2014 by several Arkansas Assessor’s in order to improve and increase the efficiency of the Apprentice assessment software for the specific needs of the user group members.

We have several committees for this process:

PERSONAL PROPERTY - to enhance WinPers;

ADMINISTRATION - to enhance the administrative functions of the Assessor’s Apprentice (Real Estate CAMA software);

REAPPRAISAL/VALUATION - for enhancing the Valuation and Data Entry portion of the Assessor’s Apprentice (Real Estate CAMA software);

MINERALS - for the enhancement of the Minerals portion of the Assessor’s Apprentice (Real Estate CAMA Software); and the

STEERING COMMITTEE - a collection of the chair of each of these committee with an additional member as the Chairperson.

The committees are made up of assessors and their staff and the contract reappraisal firm designees for the seventeen counties that are members of the group. Regular meetings are scheduled to be the third Thursday of each calendar quarter and are held at the AAC building in Little Rock unless otherwise specified. Members, even if not on a committee, are always welcome to attend. When possible Apprentice will conduct webinars and online demos to help reduce the need to travel and to increase efficiency.

In closing, my hope is that as an Arkansas Apprentice user you will enroll in the user group and contribute to the continual improvement of the Apprentice assessment software.

Kind Regards,
Rebecca "Beckie" Alden
Pike County Assessor
P O Box 356
One Courthouse Square
Murfreesboro, AR 71958
870.285-2473 fax