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Changing the Default Line Color in Deed-Chek

Toolbar: Format
Shortcut: None
Menu: Settings | Linetype

The default linetype and color settings are used to determine the color and linetype for new lines and curves that you create. The default color setting is also used when creating symbols, however the linetype is ignored. (New symbols are always created using the small solid linetype. You can changethe linetype later by using the Edit Properties command on the Edit menu.) When you change the linetype and color setting, all lines and curves that you create from that point on will use the new settings. To change the linetype and color for objects that already exist, use the Edit Properties command on the Edit menu instead.

Changing the default linetype and color
· The quickest way to change the linetype or line color is to click on the linetype or color dropdown list on the Format Toolbar.
· You can also change them by selecting the Settings menu and then Linetype.

You can change the linetype and color settings almost anytime, including when you are in the middle of drawing a line or tract.

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Sales Type - Vacant or Improved

The purpose of this field is to record the status of the property at the time of the sale. In other words, does this sale represent a vacant sale or an improved sale. The reason for this is for better information and automation during the sales analysis process.

The typical situation is that a lot in a subdivision sells for $20,000. Shortly thereafter, a new house is constructed and priced in the CAMA system. Running an analysis report on this parcel is going to be problematic, because CAMA sees it as an improved lot, but the sale is indicative of a vacant lot. You can mark the sale invalid to keep it from showing up on the report, and in fact ACD standard codes include an invalid sale code for parcels who have had substantial change after the sale.

However, the $20,000 does in fact represent a valid lot sale. By selecting the “vacant” checkbox in this case, we can inform the system what the condition was at the time of the sale. When you are running any of the sales analysis reports designed around improvements, any sale (such as the example) marked as a vacant sale will be automatically eliminated from the report by the system. When running the Vacant Land Sales analysis report, any sale marked improved will be excluded.

When adding a new deed, the indication will automatically default to the current condition of the parcel. It can then be changed by the operator if need be. Previously entered deeds can be edited if that information is at hand.

Note that this new feature is “backwardly compatible” with your existing deeds. The vacant or improved flag has not been set on any of your existing deeds – that box will be left with no options checked. When running the analysis reports, any unflagged sale will be included since the system does not know which category it might be fall within. The only sales that are thrown out are those explicitly marked to be of the opposite type.

Glossary for Deeds

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